At times

A random read,

At times,

A re-read,

At times

A hasty skim,

Or rush-read the end,

Sometimes dog ear

Page seventy-seven,

At times read aloud,

Sometimes I highlight,

At times I underline

Or I scribble

A question mark,

And sometimes I just sigh.

At times in entirety,

It stays within me

Other times I need it

Visible, grab-able

In my arm’s vicinity,

Sometimes I clutch it

And cry;

And some pages

Make me smile-

At times for comfort, I visit

And re-visit and re-read;

A rapid read,

A thorough read,

Soak in it or sip it

Word by word

Or line by line,

Romp from page to page

Or recite for delight-

I light up in their presence,

They are my life’s essence,

I never cease to seize

A few off the rack,

Hold them, hug them

Overload them in my backpack,

With a true sense of

Togetherness immense,

I revere each book

With love intense.



 Amita Sanghavi




Impressions and Expressions



we reflect upon

an experience
And form an impression-

think it through,

and integrate it

with our previous experiences

and we express

joy, fear, doubt or regret,

or maybe

a measure of nostalgia

or even grief.

Our expressions

follow our mind

That holds our impressions.

To live a new day

means to be able

to hold our new experience

in a blank mind:

The tabula rasa.

You cannot burden

a previous experience-

Positive or negative

onto the current moment.

Positivity, too, weighs

of high expectation,

And of the bated breath
of anticipation…

Loading the moment
With hope: is offering being vulnerable,

And at once crushable.

So now WHAT?

Keep the mind unassuming, unclouded, unheavy, ungrey;

Keep it light.

Shrug off the excessive thinking.

Peep into your self
and cleanse the mind.

To hold the burdens,

only tires you
and takes away

your energy

and maligns your vibes.


what you hold


let the rest go:




Being consistent

I have always looked back at what are the ingredients of success? Most often we hear ‘hard work’ but I would like to refine that a little more. The necessity of hard work is unquestionable, but so is smart work. Not just donkey hard work. It is consistent work with genuine interest to just do a little more. The ‘extra’ in the ordinary is ACTUALLY the extra work that is not expected of you. Also, with this, being a YES person. Venturing out there. Keeping on moving. For just a little more. And I cannot emphasize more on doing NEW things AND doing same things in a NEW WAY Success, actually follows you. You just follow what you love to do. So, what ‘new’ did you add to your day?

The sounds of solitude

Memories jingle in the heart…images tease.

Me, A Tree

Stubborn optimism with common sense of following precaution protocols, being prayerful.

As the pandemic scenario is bleaker and dampening our spirit, it is now all the more reason to challenge ourselves to rise up and remain stubborn in the war. Rise up to vaccinate self an d encourage near and dear ones to do too. Rise up and help the needy to pay and vaccinate. Rise up and ritualize a new routine and re-examine how best to manage gatherings with social distancing protocol in place. Rise up to respect our healthcare professionals’ safety and do not burden them even further by risking going out unnecessarily. Rise up and embrace new ways of doing and being in ceremonies and groups. Rise up to making your day no less meaningful and purposeful by setting up goals for yourself to become a better version. Survival is not just about the ‘physically’ fittest alone but your presence of mind and your well being of remaining mentally and emotionally resilient and fit are of equal importance. Rise up and remain prayerful. This too shall be overcome.

And then I wonder

It is almost 15 months since the pandemic. Life is on indefinite pause. I wonder how we will have changed when ‘life as we know it’ will begin. How many ways will we have changed, and for better or worse…

Shifting your thoughts

It has been a challenge and quite some watchfulness was required in becoming an observer of my thoughts and detaching from them and choosing which ones were unwelcome. But the effort has been worthwhile. I am sure with time, we can change the thoughts and see the extraordinary effect of the shift within and without!

The book we ought to read right now.


Our mind forms impressions, our Voice expresses them.

Writing my first post!

The extraordinary power of thought. It is amazing. Wayne Dyer writes about changing our thought and changing our life. Indeed. A subtle change in our outlook shifts us to higher vibes. Choose constructive, optimistic, thoughts of ‘possibilities’ rather than anything else. I am an individual who emphasizes on doing just a ‘little more’ and ‘doing it whole heartedly’. I choose to blog as it reaches like minded readers and connects me to other enthusiasts who are evolving in this journey of life.

To write or not to write ‘was’ the question.

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