Go find your fav book, a book never fails you as your lifetime companion!
Reading is all this and more:

The escape
From boredom,
Meet human
In all its magnitude.
Keep chewing thoughts
in blissful solitude.

A book is
unparalleled company,
The quietest,coolest
Emotional symphony,
An unmissable, unforgettable journey.

Reading is:
Entering an adventure,
Exploring a tale,
and finding freedom
In a fantastic,
faraway Queendom.

Travel on and on,
Read more, go on.

Reading is:

The nourishment
for the brain,
Feed it no chaff
Only golden grain.

Reading is:
The engagement
for the mind,
Helps you refresh
and unwind.

Reading is:
The food
for the intellect.
So, tell me,
What book today
to read
Did you select?

Read and the mind is freed!

5 responses to “Read more! By AMITA SANGHAVI”

  1. Bravo. Thank you for inviting me to read your poem
    I blog HERE

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  2. Awesome poem! Really enjoyed it! I’m so busy reading poetry online I havent had a chance to read a book in awhile. But I did read a good poetry book the other day! Warm regards Eva

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    1. Eva do check out the new anthology – Impressions and Expressions.: An Anthology of Comtemporary Poetry. It is free on Kindle Unlimited.


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